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Funny Signs

Interesting, Intriguing or just plain funny signs.Sign in Trivandrum

What is it that the latrine and the public Phone have in common? (Call of Nature and Public Call office?) This photo is taken in East Fort, Trivandrum, near the temple. The photo below is from Moore Market, Chennai.

Moore MarketThis is from Moore Market, Chennai, famous for second-hand good, antiques, books, etc.


These signs are from ‘Saravana Bhavan’ at Angamally – Kerala. Kerala towns and highways are notorious for the lack of good vegetarian hotels. This one was a great releif right on NH 47 at Angamally (near Alway and Kalady) . If you are not satisfied by the dosas and idlies, you will at least be amused by these signboards.

Signs at Saravana - Angamally
Signs at Saravana - Angamally