Simple composting idea

PVC composters
PVC composters

Mr.Ananthakrishnan from Palghat informs that the Marutharode Panchayat adjoining Palghat town has an innovative idea to encourage households to compost their organic waste. The local administration provides free of charge to every household two PVC pipes with a cap at one end. The open end can be embedded in the soil. Composting is initiated by adding a mixture of cow dung, curd, and jaggery with the first charge. Once the first pipe is filled, the second pipe is used. By the time the second one is also full, the composting in the first may be complete. The manure is taken out by simply lifting the pipe.

Neat idea!

In Chennai, we get clay Khambas from


Trivandrum, God’s Own Capital

Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy TempleLord Vishnu, reclining on the serpent, Anantha, is the presiding deity of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The temple in East Fort forms the hub of the city. The erstwhile rulers of Travancore, dedicated everything to the Lord and vowed to rule as His servants.